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It’s extremely time-consuming to find the right funds for a portfolio, but Physis is here to help. Our platform features tools specifically designed to help ease the complex lives of a financial advisors. Screen funds, check sustainable performance, and report on portfolios with one easy to use platform.

Fund Screening

Screen down a universe of funds based on any sustainable and financial criteria.

Security Lookup

Dive deep into the sustainable impact of any company or fund in seconds.

Portfolio Reporting

Enhance your client dialogue on any portfolio, anytime with just the click of a button.

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Fund screening

Filter through over 335,000 funds to match your desired level of sustainable performance. Our fund screener is customizable to include any metrics important to you, such as environmental sustainability, controversial activities, classified sustainable fund or not, and more. For our EU-based advisors, align your clients’ sustainable investment demand with the new MiFID assessment using Phisis’ SFDR and Taxonomy data.

Fund Screening
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Fund Screening

Security lookup

Input the ticker or ISIN of any portfolio to instantly receive a transparent and granular analysis of the portfolio’s impact on the planet. Our lookup tool is made to save you time and effort when you are assessing a fund.

Portfolio reporting

Instantly generate a personalized portfolio report specific to you and your clients’ needs. The dynamic web report provides a sharable link allowing users to interact with the sustainability metrics of their portfolio. Our PDF reports are customizable and comprehensive, summarizing the 360° sustainable performance of a portfolio.

Fund Screening
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