Guiding Investors to Make Impactful Investment Decisions

The world is facing massive social and environmental challenges. It's time to expand our idea of investments beyond financial performance to include social and environmental impact as well.

At Physis, we provide enhanced sustainable data, reporting, and portfolios to help shape a better future for all.


How Is Physis Different?

Physis combines external data with internal research to ensure data quality through a rigorous process. Through our platform and reporting tools, clients can easily filter and interpret the available data by issuer, fund, sector, or SDG. Physis provides access to unique sustainable data across 3 dimensions:

ESG Analysis

ESG analysis is an important tool to compare a company's sustainable performance at a thematic level and across peers.

Impact Indicators

Impact indicators provide precise, quantitative performance on a company’s social and environmental actions, whether positive or negative.

Sustainable Products

Impact products detail how a company’s goods or services incorporate positive impact and minimize harm throughout lifecycle stages.

Sustainable Investment

Why Sustainable Investments Benefit You

Sustainable Investment incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive impact.

Sustainability has proven to be a competitive advantage that improves investor’s efficiency, innovation, and growth while generating positive value.

Suitable Investment

More Than Just Investing

Limit Risk
Limit Risk

Our data maps a wide array of risks and opportunities associated with portfolios, to dig deeper into companies and move beyond financial data

Enhance Return
Enhance Return

Our sustainable and financial analysis helps to more accurately estimate long-term performance and potential opportunities

Measure Impact
Measure Impact

Our platform monitors both financial returns and environmental and social impact, offering a comprehensive investment experience

Sustainable Drivers