Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the Physis platforms?
  • Easy-to-use platform that is accessible across all devices.
  • Comprehensive sustainable data: ESG Analysis, Impact Indicators, and Sustainable Products.
  • Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Principles for Responsible Investment.
  • Cost-effective way to manage your wealth and your impact.
  • You can customize your investment based on your financial preferences and sustainable goals.
  • You don’t have to worry about market movements. We automatically rebalance your portfolio to maintain performance.
Why is Physis Robo Advisor currently running on Beta?
Physis Robo-Advisor’s technology is under development. Beta means that currently, Physis is not acting as your financial advisor, and no advisor-client relationship is being created by your use of our services at this time.
Why should I sign up for Beta testing?
By signing up on Physis Robo-Advisor Beta testing, you will be among the first to experience Physis Robo-Advisor platform for free. Plus, as one of our earliest supporters, you will benefit from unique discounts when the final platform is live!
Can I invest my money under Beta testing?
No, Physis does not allow you to invest money under Beta testing. But, you will be able to experience the platform’s look and functionality through a model portfolio.
Is Physis Robo-Advisor Beta free?
Yes, Physis Robo-Advisor Beta testing is entirely free! Sign up now and join an exclusive group of pioneers who are seeing first-hand how Physis is revolutionizing the way people think about investing.
How will my portfolio be created and managed?
Our advanced system works with you to build a unique portfolio that aligns with your beliefs and goals. We actively manage your investment with a growth approach, rebalancing securities in consideration of market opportunity and risk.
What does my portfolio look like?
Your portfolio is a thematic, multi-asset investment, which means you can own mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and equities. We actively select, monitor, and rebalance securities with an innovative methodology so that companies in your portfolio always meet your investment objectives.
How diversified is my investment?
All investments are made with diversification in mind. We create portfolios that have the right combination of assets "assets designed to maximize profitability, minimize risk, and align with your portfolio values.
How do you integrate Impact and Investing?
We invest with a unique 3-dimensional approach to Enhance Return - Limit Risk - Measure Positive Impact. Learn more here.
How do I open an account on Physis?

Opening a Physis account is simple and takes only a few minutes! Click on Sign Up and follow our 3 steps:

  1. Set your financial goals.
  2. Select the issues that you care about the most.
  3. Identify your risk tolerance.
Why invest with Physis?
You will benefit from a customized investment strategy aligned with your financial needs and personal interests. You can manage the process online, but if you need assistance, you can always contact us.
How much does it cost to invest with Physis Robo-Advisor?
We will be rolling out a safe and secure investment platform with transparent and low-cost fees, with a minimum investment requirement. Register today and join the waiting list for a free trial!
How can Physis Robo-Advisor be so affordable?
It’s simple! Physis uses the latest technology to maximize productivity and efficiency to keep costs low. We use a linear business model that connects you directly to us without having to pay any additional intermediary costs.
What is a sustainable investment?
Sustainable investments are investments that consider environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns while creating a positive impact. Sustainable investing is an investment strategy that seeks to drive positive change alongside financial results, allowing investors to accomplish more with their money. Wealth with Impact!
What are Physis’s impact reporting capabilities?
Physis offers a unique Impact report in addition to traditional financial performance reports. In your profile, your Impact report can be accessed through “Performance 360°” allowing you to track environmental, social, governance, and impact assessments of your investment. Moreover, you can explore your impact on issues like job creation, emissions, water, waste, sustainable products, electricity, women's empowerment, and much more.
How is the impact of my investments calculated?
  • Our impact indicators integrate data from external providers and internal research and track the cumulative impact of your investments. Whether you have invested in a company for one month or 5 years, our cumulative tracking shows the impacts for the total duration of the investment.
  • Our sustainable products data shows the innovative goods and services your investments are helping to support. Understand how companies in your portfolio are addressing social and environmental issues, not just through policies and operations, but also through their revenue-linked activities.
How can I talk to a real person?
Our investment support is always available. If you ever have a problem, we will address it right away. Please contact us.
Is Physis investing my money responsibly?
We are committed to our fiduciary duty. It is our responsibility to manage money in your best interest.
Do you actively manage my investment?
Yes, we actively manage security selection and asset allocation in consideration of market opportunity and risk.
What are the advantages of the Physis platforms?
  • Easy-to-use platform that is highly customizable and accessible across all devices.
  • Comprehensive sustainable data: ESG Analysis, Impact Indicators, and Sustainable Products.
  • Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Principles for Responsible Investment.
  • Powerful tools: Fund screening, individual company look-up, portfolio construction, impact reporting, and client management.
Why should I use the Physis platform?
  • Identify and minimize risks of investment.
  • Find companies that are prepared for changes in climate, regulation, resource availability, and consumer preferences.
  • Understand the social and environmental impact of investment choices.
Is Physis Data-Hub running on beta?
No, the Data-Hub platform is fully live. The Robo-Advisor Platform is in final stages of beta testing.
What is the cost of a license to the Data-Hub platform?
Please contact us to discuss licensing options and pricing.
Is Physis recognized by global organizations?
Physis is a signatory on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and is registered and regulated by the SEC.
What types of consulting work does Physis offer?
Physis is prepared to help you meet a variety of needs. We have designed sustainable investment policies and mandates, exclusion screenings, fund selection, portfolio construction, and engagement activities. Please contact us to discuss how Physis can support you.
Can I build my own portfolio?
You can design a portfolio from scratch within our platform or import an existing portfolio.
Where does the data come from?
Data displayed on the Physis Platform is a mix of in house research and data from vetted external partners. All of our data passes through a quality screening before we use it to build benchmarks to peers and analyze sustainable themes for every single company in your portfolio.
What types of data does the platform provide?
Our Data-Hub Platform provides financial data, ESG Thematic Analysis, Quantitative Impact Indicators, and Sustainable Products.
How can I access sustainable data?
You can view the data easily on our platform on a computer, phone, or tablet. You can also download portfolio reports in a pdf format directly from our platform.
Can my clients view their portfolios independently using this platform?
Advisors can enable the capability for clients to access their portfolios independently. Advisors can also download or email Impact Reports to share with clients.
Can I integrate Physis tools into my own platform?
The Physis platforms can be easily integrated into existing systems or used independently. Please contact Physis directly to further discuss the integration options with your existing frameworks.
What sort of customization options are available?
Platform design such as logos and colors can be customized. Platform options and content can also be customized to meet reporting and regulatory needs.
What is the investment universe of funds and securities available on the platform?
The Physis platform currently covers all investable funds. The platform provides data for individual securities of the MSCI World Index and is expanding to MSCI ACWI index.
Can I view the performance of a single company?
Yes! Our company look-up and security screening tools allow you to view the data associated with one company or security as well as of a pool of companies or securities.
How do I find funds that align with my values and allocation preferences?
Our fund screening tool allows you to filter and select funds that align with your values and preferences.
Can I use my own or my preferred financial or sustainable data within the Physis platform?
The Physis platform is flexible and can accommodate data from a variety of sources.
Does Physis provide ESG ratings?
Physis is not a rating agency. Physis goes beyond a limited ESG score and instead focuses on providing clients with comprehensive sustainable data and powerful tools.
Can I use my own ESG score or an ESG score from an outside organization on the Physis platform?
Yes! If you already have an ESG score methodology you prefer to use, Physis can incorporate this into our platform.